Il meglio del 2020: pop

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1. Woodkid – S16
(art pop, epic pop, symphonic pop e synth pop con influenze electro-soul, indietronic e trip hop) [Francia]
Brani consigliati: "Reactor", "Goliath", "Enemy", "Pale Yellow".
2. Ane Brun – After the Great Storm
(synth pop, dream pop, trip hop, chamber pop e art pop con influenze electropop) [Norvegia]
Brani consigliati: "Take Hold of Me", "Fingerprints", "After the Great Storm", "Don't Run and Hide".
3. Ane Brun – How Beauty Holds the Hand of Sorrow
(chamber pop, folk pop e ballad con influenze soul e gospel) [Norvegia]
Brani consigliati: "Closer", "Song for Thrill and Tom", "Last Breath", "Trust".
4. Blanche  Empire
(synth pop e indie pop con influenze dance e soul pop) [Belgio]
Brani consigliati: "Pain", "Summer nights", "Empire", "Fences". 
5. Roniit – XIXI
(dark electropop, ambient pop, melodic trap, indie pop e downtempo con influenze chillstep, ethereal wave, witch house e trip hop) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "Fade to Blue", "Purify", "Wide Awake", "Still the Air".
6. Eivør – Segl
(synth pop, folktronica, art pop, chamber pop) [Fær Øer]
Brani consigliati: "Gullspunnin", "Stirdur Saknur (feat.  Einar Selvik)", "Only Love (feat. Asgeir)", "Let It Come".
7. Jessie Ware – What's Your Pleasure?
(post-disco, dance pop, sophisti-pop ed electropop con influenze deep house, funk e synthwave) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "Spotlight", "Save a Kiss", "In Your Eyes", "The Kill".
8. Aleah – Aleah 
(dark pop, chamber pop, ethereal wave, indie pop, dark folk e dream pop con influenze gothic rock, electro folk e synth pop) [Svezia, Sudafrica]
Brani consigliati: "My Will", "The Tower", "Vapour", "Sacrifice".
9. Agnes Obel – Myopia
(chamber pop, art pop, neoclassical pop) [Danimarca]
Brani consigliati: "Broken Sleep", "Myopia", "Camera's Rolling", "Island of Doom".
10. Kylie Minogue – Disco
(nu disco e dance pop con influenze electropop e funk) [Australia]
Brani consigliati: "Supernova", "Miss a Thing", "Last Chance""Dance Floor Darling".
11. Hayley Williams – Petals for Armor
(pop rock, alternative pop e synth pop con influenze art pop, dream pop, folk pop, electropop, jazz, funk, rock ed r&b) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris", "Taken", "Sugar on the Rim", "Simmer".
12. The Weeknd – After Hours
(alternative r&b, synth pop e synthwave con influenze trap, dream pop, drum 'n' bass e hip hop) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "Blinding Lights", "In Your Eyes", "Too late", "Snowchild".
13. Taylor Swift – Folklore
(folk pop e indie pop con influenze trip hop, folktronica e downtempo) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "exile (feat. Bon Iver)", "epiphany", "my tears ricochet", "august".
14. Taylor Swift – Evermore
(folk pop e indie pop con influenze baroque) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "willow", "evermore (feat. Bon Iver)", "closure", "long story short".
15. Rina Sawayama – SAWAYAMA 
(electropop, contemporary r&b, pop metal, pop rock e dance pop con influenze alternative metal, gothic rock, melodic trap e post-dubstep) [Inghilterra, Giappone]
Brani consigliati: "STFU!", "XS", "Snakeskin", 
"Akasaka Sad". 
16. Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia 
(dance pop, electropop, nu disco, funk pop) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "Physical", "Hallucinate", "Levitating", "Love Again".
17. Hurts – Faith
(synth pop ed electropop con influenze synthwave e chamber pop) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "Redemption", "White Horses", "Fractured", "Numb".
18. Vorsa – anywhere else but here.
(indie pop e melodic trap con influenze emo pop) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "self destructive", "paranoia", "what can't be seen", "happy" .
19. Kari Rueslåtten – Sørgekåpe
(folk pop e indie pop con influenze atmospheric, dream pop e soft rock) [Norvegia]
Brani consigliati: "
Storefjell", "Sørgekåpe", "Nar morket faller", "Manen lyser ned".
20. Skott – Always Live for Always
(synth pop, alternative pop) [Svezia]
Brani consigliati: "Midas", "Porcelain", "Kodak & Codaine", "Amelia".


1. Christine and the Queens – La Vita Nuova
(synth pop, electropop e art pop con influenze alternative r&b) [Francia]

2. Emilie Simon – Mars on Earth 2020
(synth pop, electropop, bossa nova) [Francia]
3. Winona Oak – SHE
(synth pop con influenze electropop e downtempo) [Svezia]

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