Gli album migliori del 2020

Come al solito, ho diviso gli album in tre categorie; nell'ordine: Metal, Pop e Rock. 
Vi invito a ricordare che, sebbene mi sia sforzato di considerare il più possibile parametri definibili come più o meno oggettivi, in classifiche come queste è inevitabile un certo tasso di soggettività. 

M. G.

Brano dell'anno:
Oceans of Slumber"Pray for Fire"

Top Metal

Full Length: 
1. The Ocean – Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic/Cenozoic 
(progressive metal con influenze post-metal, sludge, deathcore, post-core, electro-ambient, djent, oriental folk e symphonic metal) [Germania]
Brani consigliati: "Jurassic / Cretaceous", "Holocene", "Triassic".

2. Caligula's Horse – Rise Radiant
(progressive metal con influenze progressive rock e djent) [Australia]
Brani consigliati: "Autumn", "The Tempest", "Salt".
3. Draconian – Under a Godless Veil
(gothic doom metal e death doom metal con influenze dark ambient) [Svezia]
Brani consigliati: "The Sethian""Sorrow of Sophia""Burial Fields".
4. Oceans of Slumber – Oceans of Slumber
(death doom metal e progressive metal con influenze gothic, soul, blues, melodic black metal e jazz) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "Pray for Fire", "I Mourn These Yellowed Leaves", "To the Sea (A Tolling of the Bells)".
5. Haken Virus
(progressive metal con influenze djent, elettroniche, jazz fusion, thrash metal e pop) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "Messiah Complex", "Carousel", "Invasion".
6. Clouds Departe
(atmospheric doom metal e gothic doom metal con influenze death metal e funeral doom metal) [Inghilterra, Romania]
Brani consigliati: "Migration (feat. Jon Aldara)", "In the Ocean of My Tears (feat. Natalie Kiskinen)", "I Gave My Heart Away".
7. Light Field Reverie – Another World
(gothic metal e atmospheric doom metal con influenze darkwave, post-rock, dark electro, progressive metal, atmospheric black metal e synth rock) [Svezia, Scozia, Nuova Zelanda]
brani consigliati: "Ultraviolet", "Another World", "All Roads Lead Home".
8. Exist – Egoiista
(progressive death metal, jazz fusion, progressive rock e technical death metal con influenze psychedelic rock) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "
Through Suffering He Paints The Universe", "The Lottery", "Siblings Born into Different Dimensions".
9. Paradise Lost – Obsidian
(gothic metal e doom metal con influenze gothic rock) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "Serenity", "Ending days", "Forsaken".
10. Igorrr – Spirituality and Distortion
(avantgarde metal con influenze breakcore, barocche, operistiche, oriental folk, balkan folk, grindcore, death, black, progressive rock, symphonic rock ed elettroniche) [Francia]
Brani consigliati: "Nervous Waltz", "Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano", "Hollow Tree".
11. Thy Catafalque – Naiv
(avantgarde metal ed experimental rock con influenze balkan folk, darkwave, industrial, jazz e melodic black metal) [Ungheria]
Brani consigliati: "Vető", Tsisushka", "A valóság kazamatái".
12. Psychotic Waltz – The God-Shaped Void
(progressive metal con influenze thrash metal e psychedelic rock) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "Devils and Angels", "Demystified", "Sisters of the Dawn".
13. Enslaved – Utgard
(progressive black metal e progressive metal con influenze viking, krautrock, psychedelic rock e post-metal) [Norvegia]
Brani consigliati: "Urjotun", "Sequence", "Distant Seasons".
14Ignea – The Realms of Fire and Death
(progressive metal con influenze elettroniche, oriental folk, symphonic metal, thrash metal, melodic death metal, melodic black metal, djent e groove metal) [Ucraina]
Brani consigliati: "Disenchantment", "Чорне полум'я", "Jinnslammer".
15. Delain – Apocalypse & Chill
(symphonic metal, alternative metal e synth rock con influenze metalcore e synth pop) [Paesi Bassi]
Brani consigliati: "Masters of Destiny", "Legions of the Lost", "Combustion".
16. Genus Ordinis Dei – Glare of Deliverance
(symphonic death metal con influenze djent) [Italia]
Brani consigliati: "Hunt", "Abjuration", "Judgement".
17. Lethian Dreams – A Shadow of Memories 
(atmospheric doom metal con influenze shoegaze, post-rock e gothic) [Francia]
Brani consigliati: "Tidal""Never Be Found""Only a Past".
18. Poppy – I Disagree
(pop metal, electropop, electronic metal e alternative metal con influenze industrial, metalcore, melodic trap, shock rock e techno) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "I Disagree", "Don't Go Outside", "Fill the Crown".
19. My Dying BrideThe Ghost of Orion
(doom metal e gothic doom metal con influenze death doom metal) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "The Old Earth", "Tired of Tears", "The Long Black Land".
20. Azusa – Loop of Yesterdays
(progressive metal e post-core con influenze thrash, indie pop, jazz, metalcore, avantgarde, djent, grunge e melodic death metal) [Norvegia, USA, Grecia]
Brani consigliati: "Memories of an Old Emotion", "Monument", "Loop of Yesterdays".
21. Ixion – L’Adieu aux Etoiles
(atmospheric doom metal con influenze space rock ed elettroniche) [Francia]
Brani consigliati: "Stellar Crown", "The Great Achievement", "The Black Veil".
22. Décembre Noir – The Renaissance of Hope
(death doom metal con influenze melodic black metal) [Germania]
Brani consigliati: "Behind the Scenes", "Hope/Renaissance", "Wings of Eschaton".
23. Dark Tranquillity – Moment
(melodic death metal con influenze gothic ed elettroniche) [Svezia]
Brani consigliati: "In Truth Divided", "Ego Deception", "A Drawn Out Exit".
24. ConceptionState of Deception
(progressive metal e hard rock con influenze gothic e power metal) [Norvegia]
Brani consigliati: "Feather Moves", "Waywardly Broken", "She Dragoon".
25. Shivers Addiction Artificial Paradise
(progressive metal e heavy metal con influenze thrash metal, power metal, jazz fusion, folk e reggae) [Italia]
Brani consigliati:  "Warmachines", "Nobody's Land", "Eve".

1. IhsahnPharos
(progressive metal e hard rock con influenze synth rock) [Norvegia]
2. IhsahnTelemark
(progressive black metal con influenze jazz) [Norvegia]

Top Pop

Full Length:
1. WoodkidS16
(art pop, epic pop, symphonic pop e synth pop con influenze electro-soul, indietronic e trip hop) [Francia]
Brani consigliati: "Reactor", "Goliath", "Enemy", "Pale Yellow".
2. Ane BrunAfter the Great Storm
(synth pop, dream pop, trip hop, chamber pop e art pop con influenze electropop) [Norvegia]
Brani consigliati: "Take Hold of Me", "Fingerprints", "After the Great Storm", "Don't Run and Hide".
3. Ane Brun – How Beauty Holds the Hand of Sorrow
(chamber pop, folk pop e ballad con influenze soul e gospel) [Norvegia]
Brani consigliati: "Closer", "Song for Thrill and Tom", "Last Breath", "Trust".
4. Blanche  Empire
(synth pop e indie pop con influenze dance e soul pop) [Belgio]
Brani consigliati: "Pain", "Summer nights", "Empire", "Fences". 
5. Roniit – XIXI
(dark electropop, ambient pop, melodic trap, indie pop e downtempo con influenze chillstep, ethereal wave, witch house e trip hop) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "Fade to Blue", "Purify", "Wide Awake", "Still the Air".
6. Eivør – Segl
(synth pop, folktronica, art pop, chamber pop) [Fær Øer]
Brani consigliati: "Gullspunnin", "Stirdur Saknur (feat.  Einar Selvik)", "Only Love (feat. Asgeir)", "Let It Come".
7. Jessie Ware What's Your Pleasure?
(post-disco, dance pop, sophisti-pop ed electropop con influenze deep house, funk e synthwave) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "Spotlight", "Save a Kiss", "In Your Eyes", "The Kill".
8. Aleah – Aleah 
(dark pop, chamber pop, ethereal wave, indie pop e dream pop con influenze gothic rock, dark folk, electro folk, synth pop e dark ambient) [Svezia, Sud Africa]
Brani consigliati: "My Will", "The Tower", "Vapour", "Sacrifice".
9. Agnes Obel – Myopia
(chamber pop, art pop, neoclassical pop) [Danimarca]
Brani consigliati: "Broken Sleep", "Myopia", "Camera's Rolling", "Island of Doom".
10. Kylie MinogueDisco
(nu disco e dance pop con influenze electropop e funk) [Australia]
Brani consigliati: "Supernova", "Miss a Thing", "Last Chance", "Dance Floor Darling".
11. Hayley Williams – Petals for Armor
(pop rock, alternative pop e synth pop con influenze art pop, dream pop, folk pop, electropop, jazz, funk, rock ed r&b) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris", "Taken", "Sugar on the Rim", "Simmer".
12. The Weeknd – After Hours
(alternative r&b, synth pop e synthwave con influenze trap, dream pop, drum 'n' bass e hip hop) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "Blinding Lights", "In Your Eyes", "Too late", "Snowchild".
13. Taylor SwiftFolklore
(folk pop e indie pop con influenze trip hop, folktronica e downtempo) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "exile (feat. Bon Iver)", "epiphany", "my tears ricochet", "august".
14. Taylor Swift – Evermore
(folk pop e indie pop con influenze baroque) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "willow", "evermore (feat. Bon Iver)", "closure", "long story short".
15. Hurts – Faith
(synth pop ed electropop con influenze synthwave e chamber pop) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "Redemption", "White Horses", "Fractured", "Numb".
16. Rina Sawayama – SAWAYAMA 
(electropop, contemporary r&b, pop metal, pop rock e dance pop con influenze alternative metal, gothic rock, melodic trap e post-dubstep) [Inghilterra, Giappone]
Brani consigliati: "STFU!", "XS", "Snakeskin", 
"Akasaka Sad". 
17. Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia 
(dance pop, electropop, nu disco, funk pop) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "Physical", "Hallucinate", "Levitating", "Love Again".
18. Vorsa – anywhere else but here.
(indie pop e melodic trap con influenze emo pop) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "self destructive", "paranoia", "what can't be seen", "happy" .
19. Kari Rueslåtten – Sørgekåpe
(folk pop e indie pop con influenze atmospheric, dream pop e soft rock) [Norvegia]
Brani consigliati: "
Storefjell", "Sørgekåpe", "Nar morket faller", "Manen lyser ned".
20. Skott – Always Live for Always
(synth pop, alternative pop) [Svezia]
Brani consigliati: "Midas", "Porcelain", "Kodak & Codaine", "Amelia".

1. Christine and the QueensLa Vita Nuova
(synth pop, electropop e art pop con influenze alternative r&b) [Francia]
2. Emilie Simon Mars on Earth 2020
(synth pop, electropop, bossa nova) [Francia]
3. Winona Oak SHE
(synth pop con influenze electropop e downtempo) [Svezia]
4. Winona OakClosure 
(synth pop, electropop) [Svezia]

Top Rock

Full Length:
1. The Pineapple Thief Versions of the Truth
(progressive rock, alternative rock) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "Our Mire", "Break It All", "Versions of the Truth", "Out of Line".
2. PolymoonCaterpillars of Creation
(psychedelic rock e progressive rock con influenze space rock, shoegaze, post-metal e stoner) [Finlandia]
Brani consigliati: "Helicaling", "Neitherworld", "L
āzaward", "Metempsychosis".
3. Tim Bowness Late Night Laments
(art rock, art pop, progressive rock e trip hop con influenze jazz, dream pop, synth pop e folk) [Inghilterra]
Brani consigliati: "Darkline", "I'm Better Now", "The Hitman Who Missed""One Last Call".
4. Delta RaeThe Light
(folk rock, country, soft rock e pop rock con influenze blues, gospel, rock & roll e chamber pop) [USA]
Brani consigliati: "Danced Right Out of My Arms", "The Wrong Ocean", "From One Woman to Another (feat. The McCrary Sisters)", "Take Me There".
5. Marilyn MansonWE ARE CHAOS
(shock rock, hard rock, industrial metal, gothic rock e garage rock con influenze pop e blues) [USA]

1. Meg Myers – I'd Like 2 Go Home Now
(pop rock e soft rock con influenze synth pop) [USA]
2. Meg MyersThank U 4 Taking Me 2 the Disco
(synth rock, alternative rock e pop rock con influenze post-punk, post-grunge e dance rock) [USA]